Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mind Your Mobile Phone Manners

Despite what my colleagues’ talks about, there is a definite etiquette to be observed when operating you mobile phone which include;
1. speak easy
Thou shall not bellow on your mobile phone handset. Because that call has moved from handset to transmitter to satellite and back again. Raising your voice will not reduce the distance between you and the person at the other end. It’s advisable to speak in soft tone and or normal voice.
2. ring tones

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Full Featured Cell Phone

With the rapid growth in the use of cell phones, there has been an increase in demand for a full featured cell phone. Unlike others would prefer to have certain cell phone basic that they deem important to them, most of the cell phone users would like to have a full featured cell phone with features that they may not even use. Having most of the cell phone basics incorporated in a single phone is the dream of everyone. Just a few years back, cell phone basics such as a cell phone camera were hardly available. These features have been introduced with the advancement of information technology. A digital camera finally found its way onto cell phones. It is obvious that most of the population carry with them cell phones than they do with digital camera, and having an integrated digital camera on your cell phone could just play the trick.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

3G network against 2G network in Cell phone Basics

The most tangible difference when comparing 3G cell phone network against 2G network is speed. In the past years, internet was not regarded as one of the basics that a cell phone was supposed to have. Cell phones were only manufactured for voice communications and sending of text messages. Cell phone users only purchased their cell phones with the basics for communication. Nowadays however, internet is one of the cell phone basics that a cell phone must have. Technology in Africa is advancing day in day out. IT in Africa is regarded as the fastest growing in the whole world.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Cell Phone Basics Applications

Some of the cell phone basics include applications that currently hold a large market share in the cell phone basics industry. At some extent, due to these cell phone basics applications, most of the online community use cell phone basics applications than they use personal computers. Very true indeed, people find cell pone basics applications very attractive than computers.